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Festivals and outdoor events begin with a planner’s vision to turn an empty field or park into an exciting event space.  Our experience with outdoor events and festivals means we understand all the details and planning required to turn that vision into reality.  Our involvement with successful outdoor events such as Big Valley Jamboree, Rainmaker Rodeo and Exhibition, Dark Sky Festival in Jasper, and the Alberta Beer Festivals throughout the province, have helped us grow to be one of the largest festival suppliers and most qualified outdoor temporary electrical distributors in Alberta.  Contact us today for information on how we can help you with your event, whether it’s your first outdoor festival or the 20th year of your event.

Extensive Tent Rental Inventory

Outdoor Event Tent Rentals

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Outdoor events and festivals are a great way to enjoy a day or a weekend, rain or shine, winter or summer.  With our extensive tent rental inventory we can help make sure festival goers have plenty of ways to enjoy themselves, from a large VIP tent to smaller sponsor tents, beer gardens and even stage covers. Festival tents can all be upgraded with lighting, flooring, heaters, staging, signage and seating options to enhance all areas of your outdoor even

Temporary Electrical for Indoor and Outdoor Events

Superior Show Service is the foremost supplier of temporary electrical for indoor and outdoor events in Alberta. As just one example, at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, we run over 7km of electrical cable to power the outdoor exhibits and concessions. Our extensive inventory of electrical distribution and lighting equipment, and qualified personnel make certain every event runs smoothly.