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Event rentals make all the difference in ensuring that your message is consistent in all areas. Our extensive line of event rentals includes everything from rental furniture to indoor/outdoor stages and temporary electrical. No matter what look you are going for, such as a more casual vibe like The Mashing Festivals in Edmonton and Calgary or a black tie event like the All That Jazz fundraiser in Medicine Hat, we have event rentals for you.

Basic Tables and Chairs to VIP Lounges

White Leather Soft Seating at Calgary Telus Convention Centre

Image - Basic Tables and Chairs to VIP Lounges

We can outfit your event with everything from basic tables and chairs to VIP lounges with leather seating. Lounge furniture is the best for creating an inviting atmosphere at a trade show or conference. If you are holding a backyard BBQ or family gathering, then consider our 30” wide plastic tables and folding chairs for a casual atmosphere and easy cleanup. If participating in a trade show or having a cocktail party, 42” high cruiser tables and stools are the way to go. In a trade show booth, a 42” high cruiser table allows your booth staff the ability to rest by leaning on the stool while engaging with attendees at eye-level.We have indoor and outdoor options for temporary power distribution, lighting and temperature control. Add flooring from a variety of carpet colours, cushioned flooring, plywood and synthetic lawn. Order a custom display with full graphics to create a showcase area.

Contact our office to discuss which event rentals are best suited for your event.

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Indoor And Outdoor Staging

Image - Indoor And Outdoor Staging

Rental Stage For Performance Arts

We have both indoor or outdoor staging available in heights from 12 inches to 48 inches. All our rental stage decking consists of smaller 4’x4’ or 4’x8’ decks which can be joined in endless configurations.

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Temporary Electrical

Temporary Electrical Distribution

Image - Temporary Electrical

Are you having an outdoor event or festival? We can work with your portable power supplier to ensure all your exhibitors have access to electrical!

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Superior Show Service Inc. has 2 warehouses with an extensive rental inventory.

Event Rentals

Everything you need for your next big event in Edmonton Or Calgary!