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When planning an event or trade show, consider the use of custom displays to enhance the experience of your attendees. We are proud to be the Canadian distributor for Mero, a company known for its first-class quality and support. Mero has over 50 years of international experience in providing modular construction systems. Using our R8 exhibit system, the opportunities are endless. It can be used to create archways, directional signage, custom registrations or to upgrade rest areas as just a few examples. We will work with you to design a custom display that showcases your event and creates sponsor recognition opportunities.

A full graphic registration or entrance area can set the tone of your event for attendees as they wait in line and offer information on pricing while showcasing sponsors and key areas of the event. When your event is spread over multiple halls, consider an archway at the entrance of each hall to show at a glance the focus of each hall and you can include stage schedules or promote speakers/entertainment. Freestanding You are here boards are a great way to post floor plans and special features and let attendees see at a glance how much your event has to offer.

Having a rest area in your conference or trade show allows attendees an opportunity to have a break. Talk with one of our account managers about custom display options to showcase sponsors or your brand.  Choices include items such as branded counters, charging stations or metre boards.

If you will be serving food or beverages, our rear-lit counters draw attention and the front panel can be upgraded with the logo of either you or one of your sponsors. 

Our in-house graphic designer will work with you to create the perfect graphics that showcase your brand and grab the attention of attendees.