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Once the venue is booked, it is time to start thinking about the myriad of details that go into an event. One of these important details is the distribution of temporary electrical services to exhibitors and vendors. Superior Show Service is the foremost supplier of temporary electrical distribution for indoor and outdoor events in Alberta. From vendor booths at trade shows to outdoor concessions at festivals, temporary power distribution can be added to your special event. Most exhibitors require electrical services to their exhibit space to charge laptops, power TV’s and/or lights, cook food/samples, or power items for demonstrations.

When distributing power, to prevent tripping hazards and clean up the look of the event, rather than running cables under the carpet, we use the drape framework to create bridges for all the power. When this isn’t possible, such as at an outdoor event, we have a large inventory of 3-channel and 5-channel cord covers. The cord covers create a ramp over the cords this helps to prevent the power from getting unplugged and protects attendees by removing the trip hazard.

For indoor events, our staff can work with the facility to discover what is available for electrical services. With this information, our knowledgeable staff can create a plan to distribute the facility’s power to your exhibitors.

Are you having an outdoor event or festival? If your event will have lighting or concessions, outdoor electrical will be a necessity. We can work with your portable power supplier to ensure all your exhibitors have access to electrical services. We have a full inventory of outdoor rated panels, cables, and outlets to ensure the safety of exhibitors and attendees.  Superior Show Service has been in the temporary power distribution field for many years.  Over time we’ve built an enormous inventory of temporary power.  As an example of how far-reaching our inventory is; at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose each year, we run over 7km of electrical cable to power the outdoor exhibits and concessions. Our extensive inventory of electrical distribution and lighting equipment, combined with our qualified personnel make certain every event runs smoothly.