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Superior Show Service’s inventory includes top-rated pole tent rentals for festivals and specials events. Our pole tent rentals are a fabulous choice if you are having a large-scale gathering, such as a pancake breakfast, wedding or festival. Pole tents are all-purpose rental tents available in sizes starting at 40 feet x 40 feet and going all the way to an enormous 90-foot x 320-foot.  Pole tents are one of the most popular tent designs due to their eye-catching tall peaks which offer high interior ceiling heights making the space feel even larger. These swooping peaks are held up by centre poles every twenty feet down the tent. If the pole tent rental is for a ceremony, concert or special presentation, please remember that the centre poles will need to be accounted for in your design. 

All our pole tent rentals include plain walls. These can be upgraded to window walls, zipper walls, door walls or mesh walls based on your needs. The walls are on clips allowing them to be opened and tied to the tent leg creating an opening wherever needed. If you are having a multi-day rental, the tent wall can be closed at the end of the day protecting your interior setup from the elements. 

Our tents are all manufactured in Canada. Using a Canadian owned company ensures that our tents are engineered for the conditions of our Canadian climate and meet Canadian fire code regulations.

To ensure the tent is installed to manufacturer standards for the safety of you and your guests, our trained staff completes the install and dismantle on all of our pole tents. Like any tent, pole tents need to be secured to the ground for safety. Due to their design and size, the use of weights for pole tents is not an option and all pole tents must be staked into the ground. Before the installation of any pole tent rental, we require a copy of the line locate report for our staff’s safety to ensure that underground lines won’t be damaged by the stakes.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of pole tent rentals for your next event.