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Graphics go a long way towards setting the feel of your event or exhibit space and are an easy way to provide information to attendees. However, not everyone has a graphic designer on staff to help create the look you’re after. Contact us to have our in-house Graphic Designer work with you to create dynamic designs to better deliver your message. 

If you’re planning an event, we’re here for you. We recognize that it’s not easy to personalize a blank facility with the right balance of signage to enhance the event without overwhelming it.  Our account managers can assist you with ideas such as registration desks, archways, and directional signage, aisle or window decals. From there, our graphic designer will assist in creating graphics to bring your vision to reality.

When exhibiting, the graphics on your display say a lot about your company, and can be the difference between a person walking by or stopping at your booth to learn more about your offerings. Times change and so do the products and services you want to highlight. No one wants to have a display with products crossed off or tape covering old graphics. It’s amazing the difference that fresh new graphics will make to your display. Our in-house graphic designer will work with you to create graphics that showcase your brand and grab the attention of attendees. 

Graphics offer so many solutions for helping you to highlight the sponsors of your event.  Eye-catching images can be placed throughout an exhibit hall on graphic towers, floor decals, hanging banners and almost anywhere else you can imagine.  Help to draw the attention of attendees and demonstrate to your sponsors that their investment was well worth it.  Our designer is available to work with our customers so their events have the look and feel they’re after, no matter if it’s one booth or the branding for an entire event.