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If you participate at multiple events throughout the year, purchasing a display may be an investment worth looking into. To make a real statement and have a one of a kind display, work with our staff to create a custom exhibit for your space. Our R8 system can be used to create endless designs for custom booths and displays.

An exhibit booth with custom graphics can quickly catch the attention of attendees and showcase your products or messaging. Either start from scratch and build something new and different or take components of our standard exhibit booths and put them together for something that meets your specifications. Options include; seamless graphic walls, TV’s mounted to the backwall, shelving, and built-in counters just to name a few ideas.

For a bulk space, consider a custom tower display or archway. We can produce multiple shapes with graphics on each side allowing for you to display a different product or service on each side. There is always the option of attaching a TV to your display to run a video or slideshow at a taller height so it is easily visible over the crowds.

A branded charging station is a cost-effective way to stand out from the crowd. The rear-lit charging station draws the eye of attendees. As an added advantage, it allows attendees interested in your products and services an opportunity to charge their devices while speaking with your in-booth staff. The graphics are replaceable so you can have different panels for various events and frequently update the panels with new promotions.

Whether your exhibit consists of a large custom exhibit, pop-up display or banner stands, and furniture, save your staff time and headaches onsite by hiring one of our experienced installers to set up your exhibit. Our staff will complete the exhibit install and dismantle, allowing your staff to arrive fresh and ready to promote your company.  After the event, they can walk away while we complete dismantle and package your display for shipping. For more information, please contact our office.

For a truly, stress-free experience, store your graphics and display at our warehouse. We will keep the display and graphics safely stored to prevent any damage to your investment. No more worrying about finding storage space or scrambling to find all the pieces before your event.