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Events are all about making contacts. By differentiating yourself from the crowd, you’ll generate more quality connections and increase the return on your investment. Our line of event lounge furniture creates an inviting atmosphere for networking, a comfortable seating area for conferences, and a gathering place for trade shows and events.

Different styles and types of event lounge furniture are an easy way to create different areas in an open layout. Package lounge furniture with a coffee table incorporating your company logo for a comfortable seating area to hold valuable conversations with attendees or create a VIP area for special guests.  Mix and match the black and white colour options for an eclectic look. Seating cubes and tables can be used to create a more casual look. We also have options for coffee tables and end tables with built-in charging ports. A rear-lit curved bar or straight counters are eye-catching options for a knowledge bar or serving station. For an added touch, either add event branding or sponsor recognition logos to the front panels.  Your sponsor will recognize the value of further branding opportunities.  Don’t hesitate to ask our team for creative ideas to get their logo out there.

At a corporate event, our cruiser tables with spandex covers and stools are the perfect option to allow guests to freely mingle and still have a spot to rest their drink or food.

If you are having multiple speakers on a stage, chairs and end tables create a polished, professional look. We have multiple options for stage seating depending on your speakers’ requirements, from swiveling adjustable height steno stools to ripple back leather chairs to our various soft seating chairs.

Having a sit-down meal? We have tables, chairs, and linens for that as well. With linens in may different styles and colours, we have an option to match your colour scheme.

Contact our office for ideas on how our event lounge furniture can enhance your next event.