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When exhibiting in a trade show or event, the little touches in your space can make a big difference between just another standard booth and an inviting atmosphere. When presenting at a large event, it is important to ensure that your space does not blend in with everyone else.

Whether you require storage, options to display marketing materials or a piece of equipment to make the space more welcoming, we have an option. Our extensive inventory includes items such as coat trees and garment racks for clothing displays, brochure racks for marketing materials, and TV’s to display promotional videos and slide shows. An easy way to give our exhibit space a homey inviting touch is the rental of a green floor plant.

Accessory counters are a perfect addition to your booth.  They help create storage and the taller height allows for your booth staff and attendees to interact eye-to-eye without anyone having to hunch down. All accessory counters can be upgraded with full graphic panels to catch people’s eyes and better showcase your brand. The charging station is rear-lit so it stands out from the surrounding crowds. As an added bonus, it allows attendees interested in your products and services an opportunity to charge their devices while speaking with your in-booth staff. Our showcases are meant for the display of smaller items such as purses, jewellery or knick-knacks that you have for sale, but don’t want to be left out on an open display table. If you have a bulk space, consider a counter cluster as a way to define the corners of your space and highlight selected items.

Take a look at our gallery to see some of the accessories we have to offer. If you’re looking for something specific you don’t see pictured in the gallery, please contact our office. We may have what you need. If not, we can help you source it.