Rental Tents

Whether you are holding a small backyard BBQ or a large outdoor festival, we have rental tents to meet your needs. Make your event as worry-free as possible by ordering a rental frame or pole tent and let our trained staff setup and dismantle. If you prefer to set up on your own, our user friendly rental air or pop-up tents are a great option. Contact us for a quote.

Complement your event with items from our rental inventory:

  • Lighting
  • Heaters
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Coffee Urns
  • Biljax Staging
  • Outdoor Flooring
  • Signage

X-Span Tent

New to our inventory for 2017 is a 30’ X-span tent, manufactured in Alberta. The X-span tent is a great alternative to a clearspan tent as they are lightweight, easy to transport and no additional equipment is required for the install/dismantle. Like the clearspan, there are no centre poles in the tent, which increases functionality and versatility for your event. Our X-Span tent is available in a 30’ or 40’ width and can be easily changed in length to meet your needs by adding or removing sections.

Frame and Pole Tent Rentals

Our extensive rental tent inventory includes sizes from a 10’x10’ Frame Tent to a 90’x240’ Pole Tent.

Weekend Rentals include setup Friday/take down Monday.

Weekly Rental price includes setup and take down days.

Off season rentals will incur a surcharge.

Plain Walls, staking and setup on grass are included in rental pricing.

Window Walls available for an additional charge.

Mileage charges apply on tents setup outside of Fort Saskatchewan city limits or Airdrie city limits.

Rental Frame Tents

rental frame tent  rental frame tents at Big Valley Jamboree  interior of rental frame tent

Rental Pole Tents

interior of 90 wide rental pole tent rental pole tent 40x40  40x180 rental pole tent

Tent Rentals - Pop-Up Tents and Air Tents

  • Rental Pop-Up Tent available in 10’x20’ or 20’x20’
  • Rental Air Tent available in 20’x20’
  • Cost effective option for your next BBQ or backyard event
  • Easy to install with as few as two people
  • No special tools required

Interior of rental pop-up tent  Rental canopy tent

interior of rental air tent rental air tent

Installation Videos

ZP Tent Installation

Air Tent Installation

Recommended Allowances

Theatre Style Seating 6 Sq.Ft. per guest
Banquet Seating Rectangular Tables 10 Sq.Ft. per guest
Banquet Seating Round Tables 12 Sq.Ft. per guest
Buffet Lines 100 Sq.Ft. per guest
Bar Area 100 Sq.Ft.
Dance Floor 4 Sq.Ft. per guest

*Recommended seating and allowance figures are for approximation purposes only. A number of factors must be taken into consideration when selecting the perfect size tent for your event, i.e. size of head table, buffet area, dance floor, etc. We will be pleased to work with you to help choose the size of tent that is right for your function.

Important Tent Rental Information

Please review the information below to ensure your tent rental is as efficient and worry-free as possible. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact our office at your earliest convenience and one of our staff members will be pleased to assist you.

Our rental tents are meant as a temporary structure only and are not designed for shelter during extreme weather..

Superior Show Service employs trained staff members to setup and dismantle all frame and pole rental tents. This ensures the tent is installed to manufacturer guidelines. For your safety, we do not allow offer any customer installed/dismantled rental frame or pole tents.

All our rental tents are water resistant, however no tent can be guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. If multiple tents are connected to each other, a tent gutter is used between tents. This gutter minimizes rain dripping between the structures. In cases of heavy rain and/or wind, gutters may not prevent water from running into the tent. During a storm, rain may enter the tent under the walls depending on the surrounding ground.

The client must sign a Terms and Conditions and agree to use the rental tents in a careful and proper manner and to assume responsibility for loss or damage from fire, theft, accident, misuse, neglect or otherwise however caused.

Superior Show Service will not be responsible for any weather related risk. If the setup must be completed during adverse weather conditions and cannot be rescheduled, delays will be invoiced at our standard rate. If due to unacceptable weather conditions (ex- high winds or thunderstorm) or any other reason out of the control of Superior Show Service, the tents cannot be installed on the agreed setup date, Superior Show Service will not be liable to the customer for any damages or losses suffered. 

Space Requirements

Please allow an additional 5’ – 15’ perimeter of clearance around the tent. This allows our staff enough room to complete the setup of the tent and will allow for the stake lines. Tents must be installed a minimum of 7 Metres away from any overhead utility lines.

Permits and Permission

The client is responsible for ensuring that the proper permits have been purchased and that permission has been received for the rental tent location. Superior Show Service will not be held responsible for failure to obtain proper permits or permission.

The client is required to contact Alberta First Call to map out any underground lines prior to installing any tents. We are unable to erect a tent without this report. The toll-free number is 1-800-242-3447. This is a free service.

Alberta First call will not map out any Private Lines. If there are any private lines in the vicinity, you will be required to contact a private line locator. There is a charge for this service. If there are private lines in the vicinity and a private line report has not been completed, we will be unable to complete the installation.

Superior Show Service is not responsible for any damage done to underground lines. 


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